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Slots Magic - Online Slots with bonus features.
Read how to choose the one for you, from the ones that offer progressive jackpots, are multiline slots, penny slots and all in all just offer a great slot playing experience.


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Bonus Slots - How to Choose

Bonus Slots Tips to Find the Best

It is better for gamblers to play bonus slots which include extra features, and the payouts are more appealing than the normal slot games. Gamblers will be highly entertained while playing their way through to the Bonus rounds.

Bonus Slots Types

There are several types of Bonus slot games that include the popular penny slots. These slot machines contain exciting Progressive Jackpots, and Multiline slots that will provide players with a whole range of ways to win the desired rewards.

Penny Slots

The Penny Slots are ideal for players who enjoy long play sessions without spending a lot of money and still win great prizes. Players may read through online slot reviews to find out more about the games before they make a choice. All online casino software providers have a wide collection of penny slots, including the most popular games.

Multiline Slots

The Classic 1 line and the advanced Multiline slots both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Classic 1 line slots only pays out on one line and there are no additional features. The Multiline slots offer players exciting features, such as Bonuses, Free Spins with Multipliers and Expanding Wilds. The Multiline slots also create more winning combinations.

Progressive Slots

Players will win huge rewards when playing slots with Progressive Jackpots. These Jackpots hit at random, and can pay out up to a million.

Our Recommended Online Casinos that offer a good selection of Bonus Slots are:

Slots Magic | Slots Heaven | InstaCasino


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Last Updated 28 August 2017
Bonus Slots How to Choose